My “Other” Pass-Time

I know you all think I have WAY too much time on my hands.  What, with this new blog, a household to maintain, my high-maintenance dolls, an active social life (hehe) AND a full-time job.  As hard as it is balancing all that, not to mention my online real estate course, and the monthly What’s Happening Magazine Glenn and I write for, I still find time to do another one of my FAVORITE THINGS:  BOXING at the local gym, SobeKick.

SobeKick on 1860 West Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 397-8484

It all started when my “other” gym membership expired and I was looking for something other than weightlifting as a work-out alternative.  Glenn had told me about this new boxing gym that had recently opened but I was hesitant because I had boxed before on South Beach but it can get WAAAYY too expensive.  Up to $20 a class and $130 a month!  If I was going to box I didn’t want it to be a once a week deal AND I didn’t want my wallet to be hurting either.   I was GO ALL OUT or GO HOME!  This new gym offered a ONE-WEEK FREE trial AND if you decided to join, it’s as low as $55 a month (depending on your plan)!

Survival Kit: Boxing gloves, wraps, jump rope, towel and don't forget WATER

A typical workout consists of things I NEVER pushed myself to do at a regular gym like 2-5 minutes of jump-roping which everyone knows is the ULTIMATE CARDIO, lunges and squats (UGHH, yet they feel so good), jogging, jumping jacks, hip rotations, stretches, abs, some other boot-camp inspired activities with bands, medicine balls and weights thrown into the mix and not to mention BOXING!

I hit the floor during one of our 30 second breaks! Class wasn't even OVER

It’s been really great seeing how my body has transformed ever since I’ve started at SobeKick.  I’m no longer hard on myself if I slip my diet because I know all I need is one hour of boxing and I’ll get right on track.

I'm SOAKED after class!

Glenn and I love it so much, we’ve even brought on our friends to join: my straight “Goddesses” Luis and Ricky, our neighbor Kieran, and Miami’s own Pennyback Boyz!

Gabe and I during one of his visits from NYC.

The one hour classes give me more time to enjoy Miami and it’s beautiful beaches AND I even feel better about myself in a pair of swim trunks!

The PennyBack Boyz joined!

Gotta go now!  OFF TO SUNDAY FUNDAY at The Lords!

Where it all happens

~ by Daniel Miagany on June 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “My “Other” Pass-Time”

  1. Amusing Daniel! LOL That’s a great gym membership deal at SobeKick (Florida), you get all of that for $55. Not Bad. I don’t what that would cost in California.

  2. looks like fun for sure

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