Na’Eisha: The Story of an Aspiring Bunny

The second entry in “A Doll’s Diary” involves the story of a young girl by the name of Na’Eisha Huxtable.  Her dreams of becoming a FAMOUS MODEL were almost destroyed when she encountered a SLEAZY photographer.  Read-on and learn from her story.

A small town girl with big dreams. It started out as a simple test shoot. Cheesecake photography, as they call it.

Na’Eisha Huxtable didn’t have much growing up, so when she turned 18 and got her Mother’s blessing to pursue her dreams of modeling, SHE RAN FOR IT!

A few months before her 18th birthday, she had come across an ad looking for models in the classified section of her local weekly newspaper.  NOW, it was finally time to dial that number and put in gear what she’d always wanted!  She would finally make it in the modeling industry and NOBODY COULD STOP HER.

On a Sunday morning, while her Mother was at church, Na’Eisha drove herself somewhere to the Valley, about an hour away from her home.  She parked her beat-up, purple Saturn, in front of the studio, her heart beating with excitement and nerves.

Upon entering, The Photographer, who shall remain nameless, offered her a 7-Up, and threw her a red bodysuit and bunny ears.  “You are simply stunning” he said.  “Try this on, I have an idea for you”.  “Interesting”, she thought.

Initially, over the phone, he had said he wanted to do some catalog stuff so she was shocked by the costume which looked very similar to that of a Playboy bunny.  “Oh well”, she thought, “he didn’t say what TYPE OF CATALOG.  After all, it IS 4 months before Halloween.  Maybe this will be THE COSTUME OF THE YEAR and I’ll be plastered INSIDE EVERY Party City all across the country!”

Despite her nerves, she got really comfortable right away.  “Put your hands on your hips” suggested The Photographer. “Kick up your heels.  PERFECT!”

"Is this good?" she asked

After about an hour into the photo shoot, Na’Eisha seemed like a pro and she quickly gained The Photographer’s trust.  The Photographer then persuaded her to do some “edgier” poses. He said he was hoping to submit the photos  to an up-and-coming magazine that was sure to be a hit on the newstands.  “Party City posters and NEWSTANDS!” she was sure to be the talk of the town come October!

"This is so much fun!"

Considering Na’Eisha’s amateur status, they were getting great shots.  Eventually, The Photographer brought out some alcohol to liven things up.  Although she was underaged, she had had a drink once or twice before at a cousin’s graduation, so she thought “sure, why not?  I could handle this.”

Nothing sexier than a bottle of Dom

Soon he had her sipping straight from the bottle and doing poses she knew her Mother wouldn’t approve of, even in Ebony.  But she reminded herself “this is what I’ve worked so hard for.  It’s a job and I’m not going to let myself be a disappointment my first time around”.

"Now we're talking!" exclaimed The Photographer

Suddenly, she found herself rolling on the floor, arching her back, kicking her legs in the air and throwing her arms up to the sky.  The Photographer kept egging her on with words on encouragement.  “You remind me of a YOUNG NAOMI” he said.  “When I first shot her, she had that same innocence as YOU DO NOW”.  “WOW, Naomi!  Really!” she tried to fake excitement but her drunken stupor was getting the best of her.  On any other day she’d be honored to be compared to Naomi but today was all a blur.  She was not thinking clearly.

All HELL broke loose when he showed her his cock

Then, things got really out of hand when The Photographer pulled out another prop: his large, brown and red COCK.  He had used it before for a COUNTRY COOKBOOK cover-shoot but hadn’t had the opportunity to use it since.  She jumped on it’s back with no hesitation.  Whipped her hair back and forth but suddenly, halfway through, she awoke.

"Where am I?"

Things didn’t feel right to Na-Eisha.  She had a splitting headache.  She sat up and did a mental run-through on how her day had played out.

“So far I have taken pictures on the floor, in a martini glass and straddling a bottle.  Can this shoot turn out any better?  Will I be proud of it tomorrow?  What will Mother say?”

"I am BETTER than this!"

So, with much strength and hurt in her heart, Na’Eisha got up, pulled off her bunny ears, called her Sister and stormed out of that studio.

Although she was a little sad her dreams of seeing herself in every seasonal aisle of Walgreen’s didn’t pan-out, she learned a little something about herself that day.  She learned she has way more respect for herself than that Naomi chick apparently did.

She also promised herself she would never give up on anything, no matter what, or who stood in her way.

And that, my friends, is the story of Na’Eisha Huxtable.

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~ by Daniel Miagany on June 7, 2011.

One Response to “Na’Eisha: The Story of an Aspiring Bunny”

  1. Na’Eisha I think I saw that COUNTRY COOKBOOK, wasn’t RACHEL RAE on the cover??? PS- your really photogenic you should come over to my place its a penthouse with a hot tub for a shoot! I take care of u girl, You would like it.

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