I’M BACK!!!  I apologize for the blogging delay!  I was out of town, having the time of my life, out in Los Angeles for West Hollywood Pride and BOY do I have stories to tell!  BUT, while I’m getting back into the hang of things here in beautiful Miami Beach, I didn’t want you to think I’ve abandoned you.  So, I decided I’d post a few pics of one of my FAVORITE doll projects I created a month or so ago.  LADY GAGA’s “Bad Romance”!

My tools: Thread, needle, music, hot glue and SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS!

Above, you can see what I use to work with and of course, how I get inspired.  I ALWAYS work with MUSIC and it helps if its from the artist I am paying homage to.

I've always LOVED this Gaga look since I saw the video. I think it's one of her most BEAUTIFUL.

Ever since the BAD ROMANCE video was released, I said, if I ever dressed as Gaga for Halloween I'd do this look. Alas, I cannot afford Swarovski, so I made a doll that could.

Another still from Gaga's "Bad Romance"

I like how this doll came out so much, she's STILL dressed like that in her case!

SO THAT’S IT!  A little teaser for my next project which coincidentally is Gaga again.  This time I’m doing her EDGE OF GLORY video.  I really hope that comes out because it’ll be the first time I’m working with makeup AND I may be ruining a wig as an outcome.  But who cares? it’s all in the love of ART!

~ by Daniel Miagany on June 23, 2011.

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