Live, Laugh, LOVE-DANCE by Christie Beu

A touching article by a dear friend, Christie Beu, from The Beu Sisters, dedicated to Glenn

Live, Laugh, LOVE-DANCE
Yes everyone, I AM writing 2 blogs in a row.  I can feel all the virtual pats on the back already, thank you much!  Anyway, the reason for this momentus occasion is the release of a very special song by a very special person.  The song, “Love-Dance” (available on itunes now!).  The man, Glenn Douglas Packard.
I met Glenn over 10 yeas ago when I took his dance class in Orlando, Florida, and boy was it tough.  I could barely keep up with all the “real” dancers,but Glenn was always encouraging.  After class we talked and immediately clicked.  I had never met someone so full of life, so driven, with so much passion for what he did.  So much so that his zest for life can’t help but overflow onto everyone he comes in contact with.
At the time, Glenn was a successful dancer/choreographer who was also part of the boy band “twONEty” (21), managed by Lou Pearlman of the Transcontinental music group.  He always had aspirations of being a star.  Anyone who knows Glenn, knows he has always been a star.  I knew it from the moment I met him, and Glenn, with his ever inspiring words, said the same of me.  He saw how driven I was and how much love and passion I had for what I do, and told me, no matter what, to always dream BIG!
Dream Big… two words I have heard him say 1000’s of times!  It even used to be the tag line on his voicemail, (a little reminder every time I’d call).  But those two words can come off sounding generic and uninspired if said by anyone with less of a story of overcoming trials and adversity to go for their dreams no matter how impossible they seemed.  Glenn never even stepped into a dance class before 21 years old.  Starting a dance career that late in life is already a huge obstacle to overcome, but nothing compared to what he had faced only a few years earlier.  At 19, Glenn was in a major tractor accident that broke his back.  He almost died from the infection that spread throughout his body, and was told by doctors that he would have to have his leg amputated.  On that day, he made a promise to himself and God that, if he got to keep his leg, he would chase his dream of being a professional dancer and enroll in class.  He made a miraculous full recovery and did the impossible.  This ‘farm-boy’ from a small town in Michigan, left his home to pursue his dreams of being in show business, and did so in ways he could never have imagined!  Throughout his vast career he has choreographed for some of the biggest names in the business, including Pink, Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston, Missy Elliot, Usher, and Liza Minelli.  He was also nominated for an Emmy for his artistic direction on Michael Jackson’s 30 year anniversary special.  With his many accomplishments, Glenn never stopped dreaming even bigger, and continued helping others to dream big, including us.
When we were chosen to be the opening act for Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken’s 2004 Independent tour, Glenn hopped on board to help us with our staging and choreohraphy, all the while encouraging us to have fun doing what we loved.  He also invited us to do a show with him in Guam, taking us halfway around the world to make some unforgettable memories.  Not long before that, he started working with another cental florida artist, Brooke Hogan, who was featured on her father’s hit reality tv show “Hogan Knows Best”.  Glenn made some guest appearances on the show, which eventually spun-off into another VH1 reality show “Brooke Knows Best” co-starring Glenn Douglas Packard, (based out of Miami).  Already a star in the dance community, Glenn was quickly becoming a reality tv star.
Though Glenn now lived hundreds of miles away from me in south beach, we still remained very close, visiting often and going out dancing whenever we got the chance.  The last season of his show wrapped, but that was jst the beginning of a new chapter in Glenn’s life.  He had several new projects he was working on, including a club he co-owned called “The Strip” in Miami.  With everything Glenn touched turning to gold, you would think he would be satisfied, but there was one more aspect of Glenn’s big dream that had yet to be fulfilled; releasing his very own single.
In April of 2011, Glenn came to me with an idea he had for a song.  The infectiously catchy hook “ooh la love, ooh la dance”, had me immediately.  My sisters and I started working on this idea, making sure it captured the true essence of who Glenn is, and what he stands for.  The collaborative efforts of Glenn, Candice, Danielle, myself, and Lorenzo Nicholson started bringing “Love Dance” to life.  We finished recording the song at Mix Matsers Studios in Miami, Fl (produced by OnDre (Mendoza) and myself).  Hearing Glenn belt out his song in the studio with such freedom, brought me so much joy because I knew I was helping him manifest one of his lifelong dreams.
And now the day is here.  The release of his long awaited, highly anticipated new single, “LOVE DANCE”.  As I said before, I had never met anyone so driven, so inspiring, so lovable and full of life in all my years.  That is why his message needs to be heard all over the world.  Being around Glenn reminds you simply to live, to laugh, to love, and to dance!
He has always believed in us, continually reminding us that we have something special to offer the world, and now we have the opportunity to return the favor.  So I ask all of you now  to click the link below, check out his song and join the LOVE DANCE revolution.  Follow him on facebook and twitter (@glennpackard), and if you don’t know Glenn already, be prepared to fall in love with him, just like I did over 10 years ago.
I close with this; a special thank you to Glenn, who is a constant reminder to me in my hour of darkness, that dreams do come true if you beleive, never give up, and always dream BIG!  So everybody, get up out of your seats, and get ready to Live, Laugh, LOVE, DANCE!  (Ooh la Love, Ooh la Dance)…



~ by Daniel Miagany on August 16, 2011.

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