What New Year’s Resolution??

Please take a minute and read my original, unedited New Year Resolution article I wrote for What’s Happening Magazine, then tell me what you think.  Happy reading!

_____________________What New Year’s Resolution??_____________________

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions.  In fact, I’ve never made a single one.  I think of them as a mere tradition in which people set goals with no real intentions of commiting and we all can agree we still get a bit squirmish whenever the “C” word is thrown around, especially if the outcome doesn’t involve sex or a prenup.
I mean, how many of you have ever gone to a 4th of July BBQ and overheard someone say, “nah, I’ll stick to just one turkey burger, please_oh, and let’s skip the bun_I’m trying to keep that New Year’s resolution going.  Will you pass the Michelob Ultra?”
I think there should always be a time and reason for improving one’s sel.  I, for one, have accomplished a few things that I’m pretty proud of without having felt the “commitment” that is associated with the need of a new beginning.  For example, back in 2006, I quit smoking after almost 10 years.  If I recall correctly, it was during the summer and there was an approaching pool-party wheere I wanted to show-off a set of new-and-improved pecs as well as a new swimsuit.  Of course, the real reason was because I was having a hard time breathing during my bench presses.  Regardless what the real push behind it is, the important thing is to have a motive in order to commit.

I also rememeber once, decididng to cut bread out of my diet.  Boy, was that fun.  Again, during the summer and before a pool-party, I’m sure. That lasted about a few years, but add that along to having just quit smoking and you got yourself a miserabe, cranky individual who survived only on albacore tuna and unsalted crackers.  AND, to top it off I refrained from attending ANY Holiday gatherings for the fear of embarassing myself by tearing uo the dessert table once I stood before it.
On a recent self-improvement kick, I promised myself (well, my BF Glenn) that I’d stop drinking for a week because he felt I was, his words: “abusing the bottle” a little much.  I told “that’s just ridiculous” and I added that that’s how I deal with “stress from work”.  I kept that promise and succeeded, but he didn’t have to remind me twice when the week was over.  In no time, I was back to my normal, happy self!
One thing I DID tell myself I’d do at the beginning of 2012_and by doing so I had set it free into the Twitter universe_ was that I would start to put my thoughts and ideas into words and jot them down.  I wasn’t clear whether it would be in form of a diary, notebook, or perhaps a Hollywood screenplay and my story would soon make it to the big screen starring that little kid from Modern Family.
Well, that hasn’t happenend yet, but I did, in fact, start my very first blog AND I got more involved in the contributing process of writing for this fine piece of reading material you are currently holding in your hands.  Granted, due to my field of “expertise”, I was always summoned to write for the WHM Nude and Swimsuit issues because I was told these would one day become Collector’s items and valuable.  Plus, I saw it.  and still do, as a stepping stone for a future memoir or perhaps a biographical comic strip!
You may already know, as we enter 2012, we are also entering the year of the DRAGON.  And if the name isn’t enough to smack you on the side of your head and make you think of FEARLESS, ADVENTUROUS and, God forgive me: FIERCE, then girl, you need to put this magazine down and serve yourself a double-shot of ambition!
Hello?  What better year to be all those and then some?  I mean, if we believe the Mayan Calendar, we don’t have much time left.  Yes, I’m aware writing a book, or rather a blog, isn’t necessarily a valiant way to ring in the New Year but hey, gimme a break!  This coming from a boy who’s Father once bet his other straight son $100 if he ever caught me with dirty hands for more than 5 minutes.
So, since everything I have ever written in 2011 will eventually en up in the debris that will supposedly become of 2012, I have decided to take a page from Glenn’s book (no pun intended) and live life more adventurous and DREAM BIG!  Well, realistically at least.  Unlike Glenn, I may not live to experience a safari/bunjee jumping trip to New Zealand anytime soon and frankly, I’d rather leave this world with dignity and prefer not to poop my pants if, in fact, this is the last year I’ll be around.
Plus, I still have a shit-load of petty stuff I would like to check-off my bucket list.  Although they may not be at the caliber of a resolution, perhaps I will finaly decided what I would want as my first and last tattoo.  How about that longing desire to go platinum?  The ladder may be a little age-inappropriate for me, but who gives a fuck!
Oh, and by the way, I’m not one to curse a lot.  It irks me when someone is a compulsive swearer, especially when its a woman, which, I know is a double standard but, blah blah blah.  I still use “fudge” instead of “fuck” and “shoot” instead of “shit”, but at this point, who gives a flying rat’s ass?  It comes with my goal of being stern and outspoken, which I failed to mention earlier, is my very firt (and perhaps last) 2012 “resolution”, if you cust call it that. Anyway, it’s not like you’re going to live to see me in 2013 and say “see that guy walking over there?  He’s the sternest, most outspoken guy I have ever met AND he’s not afraid to throw an F-Bomb!”

Anywho, enough about me.  What will be YOUR 2012 New Year resolution?


I also invite you to go to the magazine’s site and check out the entire issue dedicated to the New Year and new beginnings at:


~ by Daniel Miagany on January 2, 2012.

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